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esg and genomics bioquest advisory

Responsibly Advancing Genomics with ESG Considerations

At BioQuest Advisory, we recognize the intricate balance between scientific advancement in genomics and the imperatives of sustainability. Our team brings together a deep understanding of genomics with a strong foundation in ESG principles, including analytics, to offer nuanced and impactful consulting services.

Our Services:

  • Environmentally Sustainable Lab Practices: Advising on reducing environmental impacts in genomic research facilities, focusing on sustainable resource use and waste management.


  • ESG Analytics in Genomics: Employing analytics to gauge and improve the ESG aspects of genomic projects, aiming to create a balance between scientific progress and sustainability.

  • Social Impact and Governance: Conducting thorough assessments of the social effects of genomic advancements, ensuring benefits are equitably distributed and risks are responsibly managed.

  • Navigating Regulatory Frameworks: Assisting in understanding and adhering to the regulatory requirements related to ESG in genomics, facilitating compliance and ethical governance.

We strive to realistically integrate ESG into genomics, acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of both fields and our role as facilitators of this important convergence.

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