Intelligent Automation

Find out how BioQuest is leveraging on the Intelligent Automation technologies to help businesses reduce cost, improve productivity, governance and quality 

The Future is Driven by Science and Technology

BioQuest (BQ) is a Scientific, Business and Technology advisory firm powered by talented problem-solvers. We leverage on our strong technical knowledge, skills and experience to effectively partner our clients in challenging exploration where we push scientific  and technology boundaries to take our clients to new heights in innovation and ahead of competition. 

Our Leadership

Our leadership team are veteran practitioners in science, business and technology. 

We bring forward technical, business and people skills to groom and mentor our teams to be effective partners to our clients in all aspect of our work.

Our key driver is innovation and continuous exploration through our extensive scientific, technology and academic partners across the world.

Sincerity and humbleness is our guiding principles in all matters big and small.

Our People

We look for that bright spark of brilliance and passion when we hire. Discipline, perserverence and resourcefulness set us apart from our competition.

Our People is our Greatest Strength

To effectively partner our clients in the new world of Science and Technology, mono-skillset no longer works. Our teams are multi-skills with acccess to best practice, technical and business knowledge.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Our Work Practice

Clients as Partners

The best outcome is when our clients and us operate as a single unit moving towards the same goal.


Flexibility and ability to change and move with our clients is a key success factor in the world of disruptors


We operate with integrity and professionalism to earn our clients' trust

Lean and Competent

Each project has a optimal number of multi-disciplinary team tailored to our client's needs. This helps to ensure cost effectiveness, faster response and improves communication.


To encourage optimal collaboration and building of mutual trust, we share our thoughts and plans with you.

Technology Agnostic

Acting in the best interest of our clients is our top priority. By remaining technology agnostic allows us to effectively partner our client in selecting and adopting the most suitable technology


We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to high standards for the work we deliver.


Science and Technology evolves quickly and we are not afraid of the unknown but are driven to explore, research and develop.

Our Business & Technology Services


Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation includes technologies  that  leverage on automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation and other  A.I. driven technologies to create cognitive automation.


Customer Excellence

How do we harness the power of technology to help us serve our customers better?


Transforming Finance

Finance has moved from the role of accounting and reporting to be an integral part of business. 


Merger & Acquisition Integration

To realize the full synergy of combining two or more business entities, a seamless and smooth integration would be instrumental. 


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation ("RPA") is a type of software robot that mimics human work on desktop

Digital social media

IT Enablement

IT systems go through renewal every few years to keep up with times. 

Go Team

HR Advisory

Human resources (HR) are the greatest asset of any organisation.



Black Chess Pieces

Business Strategy & Operating Model

Business strategy helps organisation sets objectives and drives every part of the organisation to achieve it.

We have extensive experience in partnering our clients to formulate their growth strategies, renewing organisation and designing target operating models to keep pace with the changing business landscape and demands.


Data Analytics

Data are all around us and how do we unlock the  insights to help us compete effectively

Warehouse Shelves

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain is often a critical function to ensure raw materials and product reaches its destination timely at the lowest possible costs. 

CCTV Camera

Governance, Risk and Compliance

A strong governance helps to mitigate risk against fraud, inconsistencies, inaccuracies and mistakes.


Building Shared Service

Shared services allows for standardization of systems and processes for optimal efficiencies and controls with economy of scale. We partner our client in setting up Shared Service in common business operations in Finance, HR, Sales Operations, IT. 

Our Scientific Services


Research & Development

The Research and Development (R&D) is the leading forces in a Pharma and Biotech, paving the way for new innovations, customers and markets. 

biotech plant.jpg

Setup Pharma and Biotech Operations

Singapore is a fast-growing Pharma and Biotech hub with established physical and regulatory infrastructure. The Singapore government is committed to help grow the industry with business friendly environment and deep talent pool.