Building on the foundation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the unrelenting pace of automation has push the boundaries of automation technology to automate traditionally hard to automate tasks like extracting data from documents with varying formats (i.e. invoices, legal documents) and processes that involve analysis and professional judgement. Hence, leveraging on Artificial Intelligence A.I. is the natural progression of automation.

With A.I., everything that can be automated should be automated. Intelligent Automation addresses not just the automation of processes using A.I., it also addresses the current bottlenecks and onerous effort of sourcing for process for automation, analysis  on automation effort, ROI calculation etc. with the top cognitive automation solution coming up with their hyperautomation platform. 

BioQuest being one of the earliest RPA service provider, we have developed extensive skills and experience in leveraging on hyperautomation and AI in the following specialized areas:

  • Intelligent Data Capture

  • eforms+Smartworkflow

  • Contact Centre Virtual Assistant

  • A.I. Chatbot

  • Accelerated Machine Learning

  • Crowd Sourcing for Automation Ideas

  • Automation Analytics and Dashboards

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