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How to select the right Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software

Robotic Process Automation


At a quick glance, every Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software robot (product) seems to have similar product architecture, slightly varying functionalities and technological roadmap. Each, brings forth an array of different enabling technologies to the table, so from an evaluation perspective, what, how and which RPA product is that right step forward?

It is important to understand that a universal (one size fits all) RPA product does not exist.

This is simply because, the key success factors harnessing the power of RPA is not simply another IT implementation. The fundamentals that propels your organisation forward and sets your organisation apart from your competitors lies in your People, Process and Technology.

Product Evaluation & Selection Process

Of all considerations in an evaluation, emphasis should be on the software product design (functionalities) and architecture. This will in all its entirety ensure ROI and affect the successes of your automation roadmap.

Enterprise Ready

To dispel the myth, not all RPA products has the capabilities of enterprise level performance and delivery of enterprise-wide automation benefits. Identifying the one that can is important.

Scalability, Usability & Implementation

The base design of the RPA product determines the ease, extensibility, momentum and speed of scale. A misplaced RPA product can deliver suboptimal results and adversely affect the outcome of your digital transformation vision.

In the nutshell, the most suitable RPA product is one that is compliant, works for your business needs and should be aligned to your digital transformation vision. The base design of the product has to be built on a robust, stable platform from which allows maximum flexibility, customisable to your process designs, scalable in its implementation and has a technology roadmap to build upon from.

However, the most crucial consideration in an evaluation and the determining factor in the successes of your digital transformation journey does not solely rely on the right RPA software.


RPA is an emerging cutting-edge technology, one that is poised to disrupt, redefine and enable the "4th Wave of Industrial Revolution". The adoption rate of RPA across a wide spectrum of industries around the globe has been phenomenal but the implementation of RPA itself is relatively new.

This highlights the importance of forming a strategic partnership with a software agnostic professional services consultancy. One which is eloquent in RPA workflow design, understands your core business, represents your organisation’s best interests and has the right expertise to introduce, partner and assist you in your digital transformational journey.

With a holistic approach harnessing the best of the RPA solution, best practice in industry and a sound implementation plan that would set you on the right path on the RPA journey.


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