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MAS Financial Sector Development Fund Grant
Supporting Innovation and Technology for Financial Institutions

Grants for Innovation and Technology


There are various grants supporting key areas in building up Technology competitive edge in FIs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics (DA)

MAS FSTI Proof-of-Concept

Cybersecurity Capability

Digital Acceleration (for smaller FIs)

Regulatory Technology

Leveraging on the grant to automate

A Great Opportunity to try out a new technology

The grants include A.I. enabled technologies like Intelligent Automation, Data Analytics that can help in enhancing customer experience, drive revenue upside, improving efficiencies, comply to regulations and lowering costs. 

How can we help?

We are a one stop shop from grant application to project delivery

We are an experienced Singapore grant consultancy (PMC qualified) and recognized by agencies like Enterprise Singapore to perform Singapore grant related projects. We are committed to journey with you for MAS grant application to delivery of your technology project.

Your partner on your technology transformation journey

We understand the Financial Service industry and the technology to bring you value

We have extensive experience in Intelligent Automation and Data Analytics for financial services. Our consultants are knowledgeable on financial services regulations and compliance that are critical to the success of technology projects for FIs.

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