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Our Intelligent Automation Service

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Defining Digital Workforce - Governance Risk and Compliance

  • RPA IT Architecture Planning and Installation 

  • Setting up RPA Center of Excellence

  • Process Improvement

  • RPA End-to-End Deployment

  • RPA Workshop and Training

  • Change Management


  • Digitalizing at Source:

    • Digitalizing manual hardcopy/Excel forms into eforms

    • Building Workflow, Portals, Mobile Apps to digitalize approvals

  • Extraction of Data from PDF using A.I.

    • Extraction of data from invoices, contracts etc. with varying formats

 Cognitive/A.I. Enabled Automation

  • Recommendation of suitable Intelligent Automation technologies 

  • Design, Build, Train and Deploy Machine Learning Models

  • Integrating Machine Learning Models into Automated Workflow

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Our Intelligent Automation Value Proposition

Experienced team and broader Advisory practice

A successful Intelligent Automation implementation is not just about developing processes, it requires strong knowledge in governance, compliance, process, people and technology. Our team is experienced not just in technology but also in related skills to provide a one-stop service for all your implementation needs.

Expertise in process improvement methodologies (6 Sigma, Kaizen)

Its never a good idea to automate a sub-optimal process as its just passing the inefficiency and poor controls from the human to the robot. Hence, process knowledge to would be critical to set the right process for automation. Our process experts are qualified in improvement methodologies to help evaluate and re-design processes before automation.

Subject Matter Advisors in Finance, Customer Service, HR, Manufacturing, IT, Supply Chain

The automation process design is the most critical part of the automation and domain knowledge and experience would help ensure a well-designed automated process that is optimal and in compliance with regulations and controls. Our domain experts are qualified and are veterans in their areas of expertise to provide domain related advisory.

Flexible engagement model to ensure cost effectiveness

We understand its important to ensure cost effectiveness of the automation project and we are most happy to work with you to tailor our services according to your requirements

Methodology, tools and accelerators

We have a strong practice in Intelligent Automation and have build a well tested set of methodology, tools and accelerators to help you accelerate your automation project with best practices

Post go-live maintenance

we understand that adopting a new technology in your organization would take time to build internal knowledge and capabilities. We provide  comprehensive maintenance and support tailor fit to your needs.

Strong Artificial Intelligence capabilities for next step

We invest in technology training and exploration internally to ensure that we are always ahead in our skills to provide the right knowledge and capabilities to partner you on your next step in your A.I. roadmap.

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