Business Excellence (BE) Certification

From 2017, the SPRING Singapore’s Business Excellence (BE) certification has streamlined from the existing four BE frameworks (BE holistic standard and three niche standards) into a single framework. 

The framework will encompass all the core business fundamentals of an excellent organisation. Singapore businesses pursuing BE certification would be required to first attain the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a required foundation, before deepening their niche capabilities under People, Service and Innovation as illustrated in the diagram below.























At BioQuest, we partner our clients in the journey of attaining BE certification. Our understanding of the BE objectives and experience in BE assessments enable us to assist our client in all aspects of the certification process be it the SQC foundation or the niche areas (People, Service and Innovation).

Our services include:

BE Certification Journey

  • Comprehensive organisational review based on SQC framework

  • Developing roadmap based on review findings

  • Assisting in implementation of changes required to meet SQC requirements

  • Preparation for BE certification


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