UiPath + BioQuest: Automate Monitoring & Improvement of Business Processes, inc. Shared Service

Businesses commonly outsource back-office processes (i.e. Finance, HR, Customer Service, Operations etc.) to third party service providers or build their own captive shared services. The effectiveness and efficiency of these teams have a direct impact on how we win sales, serve our customers and provide aftersales support that help to build our brand and reduce churn rate.

With shared services being a systemic important part of our business, how can we ensure that it is functioning optimally, doing the right things always? Many businesses struggle to keep track of the shared services performance. It is challenging to point out the root cause of problems to help these teams improve their performances. Monthly KPIs reporting are retrospective and often insufficient to provide enough data for process improvement or identify risks.

In this webinar, we are going to walkthrough how businesses can leverage on UiPath Process Mining to ensure a robust, efficient and well controlled shared services operations, specifically in:

  • Gaining transparency to actual process flow and exceptions using current systems data

  • Spotting inefficiencies, bottlenecks and risky behaviors

  • Using science to guide process improvement based on data and facts

  • Automated continuous monitoring of performance



Mr. Kok Kum Yeong, Presales Lead, UiPath

Mr. Samuel Koh, Partner Manager, UiPath

Ms. Pauline Yeo, Intelligent Automation Lead, BioQuest Advisory

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